​​​​​​These services are not only great additions to any detail but also things that can make or break the detail overall.  We do our best to include these complimentary if we can but in some cases these issues take additional time to remedy and there in lies the additional charge for time, service, and materials.

SCUFF REMEDIATION - $95 per hour

The need for scuff remediation is a very common thing here in downtown, some of the scuffs are a result of parking garage walls, your favorite coffee shop drive through, or even a suitcase dragging across the car at the airport.  Most issues like these are not terribly time consuming but because no scar is created equal we charge an hourly rate.  

Please note not all "scuffs" are just that some are too deep and will require a body specialist, but we are happy to try first for you.


The process is a complete heavy cleaning of the canvas itself, after that, the top must be completely dry before applying the canvas coating, lastly the top can NOT get wet for 24 hours after the coating is applied. Please allow adequate dry time for this service.

CLAY SERVICE - Starting at $35.00 for standard size cars

This service removes embedded dirt, and industrial fallout, paint over spray, rail dust from the vehicles clear coat and restores the surface to a glass like feel.   While removing embedded particulate from the clear it is very likely a bit of light paint marring or light scratching will occur in vehicles with a softer clear coats or softer single stage paints .  If clay is requested we strongly recommend adding a single stage light polish to finish the surface. 

HEAVY TREE SAP REMOVAL  - $25.00 Average up to 20 tree sap spots        Under 5 Spots Complimentary

KID GRIME - $40 +

Some examples of kid grime are dryed milk in perforated leather, sticky candy in cupholders/carpeting/seats, goldfish/cherrios crushed into the interior, seat rails full of misc foreign material.  Remember even grown ups can create kid grime .


This is a protective treatment for your fabric surfaces. Please note this treatment requires full upholstery cleaning or car must be under two weeks old.  


This is something that we deal with a lot!.  We have dealt with everything from spilled seafood, cigarette odor, or a little mold or mildew here or there, and a lot of other situations I will spare you the details on.  We also have had to completely remove the entire interior and trunk from vehicles to ensure that we were able to guarantee the mold and mildew were completely removed and the vehicle was clean and dried enough for reassembly.  This is really something that we need to see and unfortunately smell to even get close to a solid estimate.  


Depending on the make and model and year of the vehicle this service varies in price.  Newer cars are usually just bit dusty and require little work to bring back to new, normally we take care of these on the house.  If you have a vintage vehicle or are need of a bit of extra duty under the hood we run at roughly $75 for full engine steam cleaning and degreasing.

PET HAIR REMOVAL  - $95 per hour

We bill by the hour, prorated of course.  If you have a little dog hair, no problem.  if you have your best friend ride in the car a lot and are in need of some serious pet hair removal Please ask your detailer to estimate at time of arrival.  (average cost for moderate to heavy pet hair removal is $40)


Single stains on headliners complimentary with purchase of Signature Detailing service or Deluxe Interior detailing service.


4 step sanding and 3 stage polishing with Ceramic pro 9H coating 

DARK VEHICLES - 20% additional service fee on exterior services

Due to the additional time required cost.

Any vehicle, depending on its condition, may require additional service, which may result in an adjustment of our charges based on a $95 hourly rate.

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