If you just bought a brand-new-ish car and you want it to shine before you show it off, start here!


Do you have a classic car that needs special attention and care.


If you just drove your car off the lot, and you want to make sure it stays pristine, this one is for you. 


Every exterior service starts with a non-caustic degreasing pre-soak from the belt line down.  Followed by a PH neutral foam cannon bath to loosen any and every bit of road grime from the surface of the vehicle.  Panel by panel, piece by piece, and seam by seam heavy pressure washing follows.  After the vehicle is nearly as clean as it can be, we then start the actual wash portion of the service.  ​​​​​​​

This package includes clay to remove all of the environmental fallout embedded in the vehicles clear coat delivering a glass like smooth surface followed up with a color enhancing polish step to remove light surface scratches and brighten paintwork followed by high grade sealant for long lasting protection and a vivid shine.

​Service Time Required: Half Day

Sedans -160       Small SUV/Wagons - 180       Large SUV - 200     Extended vehicles - 220+​​


A Gentle two bucket hand wash of the vehicle exterior, wheel faces and interior barrel of the wheels, Brake calipers, and disks, wheel wells, exposed suspension, and door jambs.   On to drying with clean compressed air and Microfiber drying towels are used on every surface of the vehicle. ​

After a brief period for the vehicle to rest and one more round with compressed air to all cracks, crevices and trim to ensure no excess water runs.  To ensure that your vehicle gets a bit of a face lift and a heavy dose of protection a single stage color enhancement polish and high grade paint sealant for intense protection finishes off the paintwork.   Your choice of high gloss or satin finish tire dressing, and wheel well dressing are the finishing touch

Service Time Required: Half Day

Sedans - 180    Small SUV - 200       Large SUV - 220     Extended vehicles - 250+


This package is a complete overhaul of every interior surface possible.   It starts with the same type of service you can expect from the interior portion of the Signature Detailing,  but then goes a few steps further by adding a minimum of two complete rounds of hot steam extracting of all seating upholstery and carpeting, as well as a meticulous deep cleaning and protecting of all hard surfaces.  There is no surface visible or hidden that goes untouched or untreated in this service, all treatments are matte finish, unscented, and dry to touch.   

For vehicles with leather we use only the finest and most gentle high end leather care products available, combine these with ultra-fine boars hair brushes, compressed air and good old fashion elbow grease and patience we gently remove any and all dirt, oil, grime, sunblock, and makeup from every square inch of the leather and allow to dry before treating with the finish leather conditioner available.  

After the cleaning and treating stages we then dry the vehicle to a minimum of 90% before delivery, during the drying process it is not uncommon for stubborn stains to resurface and need a bit of spot cleaning attention.   Not only do we want to return you vehicle as dry as possible to eliminate any issues after you leave us it also give us a chance to catch any thing that may resurface.

Service time required: Full Day

Sedans - 200      Small SUV/Wagons - 225      Large SUV - 250    Extended vehicles - 275+


Our Deluxe Exterior is a great Package for any vehicle whether it's a year old or twenty years old.  This is going to remedy most of the surface imperfections caused from automated car washes and poor detailing practices such as holograms left by swirls, spider webs and most bird or sap stains.  Just like every other exterior package that we offer it all starts with a whole lot of prep work and clay service. After the cleaning and drying process it is on to the lift.  At this point we mask off all trim, badges and edges to begin the three stages of paint correction starting with compounding to remove roughly 85% or more of paint defects and blemishes, one heavy polishing step to further refine the surface and remove any marring caused by the compounding step then the last ultra fine finish polish stage to further refine the surface and really bring out the depth and color. A step that usually gets overlooked is a cleansing step to ensure that the paintwork is free from oils left from the polishing leaving a raw clean surface for the following two coats of sealant to bond thoroughly with the paintwork.

Additional paint correction steps are available at an additional charge.  Please see our paint correction rates.

Service Time Required: Full Day

Sedans - 275     Small SUV/Wagons - 300      Large SUV - 325    Extended vehicles - 350+
Please note this package does not include any interior detailing.


Has it been a month or so since you gave your car the love it needs? This one is for you.

This is our most comprehensive package. Here your car will be pampered with both our full interior and exterior detailing packages. All serfaces will be touched. For those that would like their cars to look as if it is rolling off the show room floor, this is the package for you.

Additional paint correction is always available, please ask your detailer about the benefits of additional paint correction as a supplement to your detail package.

Service Time Required: Full Day

Sedans - 350     Small SUV/Wagon - 400      Large SUV - 450     Extended Vehicles - 500+

Due to extra time and materials dark color vehicles  add 15%-20%

​Service Time Required: Half Day

Sedans -135       Small SUV/Wagons - 145       Large SUV - 155     Extended vehicles - 175+​​