This is something that is recommended once per year for the boat that in decent to good shape.  By that we mean its stored outside but is covered, its not completely oxidized but maybe one corner that gets a bit more sun than the rest of the boat has a bit of chalky oxidation on it and the interior has a bit of a dingy color and smell from sitting in the the off season.  



Ph neutral Foam bath and thorough hand wash with pressure washing to ensure any organic buildup and environmental fallout is removed from the smallest of gaps between fittings and hardware, and all exterior surfaces from the highest point of the vessel down to the chine under the waterline (excluding bottom).

The Correction  Process

  • Single compounding step, using wool pads, rotary polishers and heavy gelcoat compound. In most cases will remove light to moderate oxidation.
  • Single stage finishing polish step,  using Foam pads and a finer finishing polish. This removes compounding haze left by the wool pads and leaves gel coat with a deep gloss and luster.
  • Single stage light polish of all through hull fittings, cleats, rails, ladders, etc. This does wonders for water spots and removes most stains in your metal work. We believe it really makes a huge difference in overall finished look of your boat.
  • The final correction step is an ultra fine finishing step over all gel coat and hardware.  Using ultra fine finishing polishing compound with random orbital polishers we further refine all surfaces to ensure a swirl and hologram free finish.   


The Protection Process  

Last but not least we coat every exterior surface with the best protection available.  We use only Ceramic Pro nano ceramic coatings for protection.  We have tested every marine wax and sealant on the market and nothing even comes close to the lasting protection and finish.

Like the exterior, its all in the preparations, and the other bit is having the right tools for the job.
All interior vinyl and leather are deep cleaned and treated with C
eramic Pro products.  The tools vary depending on what type of material being cleaned.  Steam cleaning coupled with proper leather and vinyl cleaning products is key to making seating look its very best.  In most cases we can get almost all vinyl and leather back to like new condition or at least very close to like new.

Next is hard surfaces, like the vinyl and leather clean steaming the dirt and grime away is the preferred method, the use of harsh chemicals that can harm certain trim pieces and finishes especially sensitive electronics especially around the helm is a last line of offense.  With the proper methods and tools removing a few years of fun is no problem at all. All hard surfaces and electronic screens are then protected with Ceramic Pro products for unmatched lasting protection.  

Glass also undergoes a light polishing stage to remove water spots oils and residue then protected with Ceramic pro products.
To finish off the cleaning we make our way from the bow to the stern removing everything possible from textured hard flooring to carpeting, SeaDek or whatever type of flooring your boat has we have the experience and the right tools for the job. 

​18-20FT    $900-$1100  in/out                                    20-22FT $1100-$1300  in/out                                        22-24FT-$1300 1500 in/out


Living in the Pacific Northwest we are a hub for boating.   We have the opportunity to enjoy the salty sea and the fresh lakes. With that comes many different maintenance duties to maintain your boat that take time and energy away from getting out on the water.  We can help!

We want to simplify the process of marine detailing we do things the old fashioned way, which for us means you do it right the first time or you don't do it at all.  We don't advertise low price detailing, we offer incredible work at a more than fair price. We use only the best products and equipment, and we do steps that not one other marine detailing company does, it takes us longer, it cost more to use the products we use but at the end of the day we want our clients happy and to refer us to their friends and family and we can continue to grow.  

We do things a little differently, if it takes a little longer to make the job right, that's what we do, experience helps us avoid these issues most of the time because we bid by the job properly and we stick to that bid.  If we end up running into something unexpected and it ends up taking us longer to do the job right then it takes a bit longer, there shouldn't be a penalty to you as the owner for us not bidding the job properly.  We do this for ourselves, and for our clients, without you, we don't have a business to take care of our families.

We  also realize that not everyone needs or wants to pay for absolute perfection or a showroom finish, nor is that possible or even necessary with every boat, that's why we like to see the boat in person to get eyes on the project to give you an accurate break down on whats needed and what can wait.  We guarantee our work and stand behind what we do, we don't shortcut, and we are extremely cautious to give not only the best service, but the best protection products, equipment, and most importantly experience to safely and correctly keep your vessel in top form.

Each boat is different, amount of use is different, where they are stored , the list goes on and on.  So pricing can vary quite a bit.    We can do as much as you like so if there is something in particular you are looking for please feel free to ask.    If you just need a ballpark estimate we can usually get you a pretty close bid via email or phone with the help of a few pictures.  

We often to go  to your boat wherever it is stored and give you an estimate completely free of charge.  Pick up and delivery is also available so if the boat is in a storage facility we are happy to assist with transportation to help make it a bit easier on your schedule.​

All to often we see clients boats with sanding marks, burns in  the gel coat or clear coat, deck fittings, through hull fittings, cleats and canvas or Eisenglass ruined because of improper products used or just a lack of experience or care.  The prices are also hard to forcast, everyone has looked at prices and menus with boat detailing and they never really tell you what is truly included, to be honest, they are confusing, and they are confusing for a couple reasons one all boats are different and most companies are mobile, not owner operator, and have hourly employees so the faster they can get their guys in out and on to the next job the better for the detail company owner.  Sometimes things take more time and effort and since we are not afraid to stay late in order to do the job right it means we can offer a far superior end product.  That is why we do it by the job, not the hour, or by the foot.  

So the way we are going to break this down is in a few simple to understand I hate to say packages but call it what you like, 99% of boat owners including myself fall into one of these categories.  One is not better than another, life happens and time is precious, so when your boats aesthetic condition is not the first priority every day this is not something to be afraid to admit, most boats are stored outside in the weather "hopefully" with a cover.   Over the years of detailing we have seen it all, and fixed it all, well at least whats actually fixable. 



For boats that are heavily oxidized, we recommend the gelcoat restoration package.

We start by wet sanding to remove any scratches in the gelcoat followed up by a heavy cut compound, to remove oxidation. We then polish to a reflective finish before applying Ceramic pro nanoceramic coatings.


Gel coat  $20 - $25 per foot.  (you only pay for the problem area)  so if you have a six foot section exposed to the weather that needs a little more attention, we can always do a little heavy lifting in those areas.