Often times, new clients who have been to other auto detail shops and have a feeling that to get the best, you need to buy a full service package. We don't agree that is the best approach.   Each vehicle has its own unique area's that require different levels of attention whether that is the interior, the exterior, engine bay work it doesn't matter we like tell all of our clients to use the packages as guidelines starting with our signature detailing service.  Any vehicle can benefit from this package, its great for any vehicle that is in decent to good shape most likely garage kept at night and has not been to badly neglected.  

If it's been a while since your last service or it's your first time having your car or boat detailed and you need a little more here or a little less there no problem , to be honest we are all busy and kids, pets, and hobbies take there toll.   We are always happy to custom tailor our services per your request so you that you receive the most value and service for you money.   We are a low volume - high quality detailing facility, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will receive the utmost care from the hands of Tempus Detailing professionals

 Anyone can wash dirt off a car,  but it's the steps taken to do this safely that and properly that make the difference, every steps is just as important as the next.  It's when all of these steps are performed properly you end up with something better than expected. We know that you have lots of choices of detailing companies at the end we want exceed your expectations .  We know without you, we cant do what we love and support our families so your satisfaction in our only goal. 

After a brief period for the vehicle to rest and one more round with compressed air to all cracks, crevices and trim to ensure no excess water runs.  To ensure that your vehicle gets a bit of a face lift and a heavy dose of protection a single stage color enhancement polish and high grade paint sealant for intense protection finishes off the paintwork.   Your choice of high gloss or satin finish tire dressing, and wheel well dressing are the finishing touch.


Every  exterior service starts with a non caustic degreasing presoak from the belt line down.  Followed by a PH nuetral foam cannon bath to loosen any and every bit of road grime from the surface of the vehicle.  Panel by panel, piece by piece, and seam by seam heavy pressure washing follows.  After the vehicle is nearly as clean as it can be, we then start the actual wash portion of the service.  


Our interior services are equally as meticulous.  The interior portion of our signature detailing starts with an extensive interior vacuum,  the use use of compressed air and specialty compressed air cleaning guns help remove far more than just surface dirt and pine needles from your carpeting and floor mats, using boars hair brushes, compressed air, and having proper lighting assist greatly in cleaning of all cracks and crevices in the dashboard, center console, front and rear seats, all door panels, seat rails, vanity mirrors and complete interior, and exterior glass cleaning.

We also are happy to offer a host of supplemental services to meet your vehicles interior needs exactly to your liking and budget. (Please see supplemental services for prices)

A Gentle two bucket hand wash of the vehicle exterior, wheel faces and interior barrel of the wheels, Brake calipers, and disks, wheel wells, exposed suspension, and door jambs.   On to drying with Clean compressed air and Microfiber drying towels are used on every surface of the vehicle.