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​​Ceramic Pro interior products are an incredibly effective way to keep your vehicles interior safe from all of the hazards or daily use.  When used together they form an insurance plan for whatever life dishes out.   These products are the difference between that cup of Starbucks coming out completely ,and having a brown ghost stain left in your carpet forever.  the super-hydropohic properties keep the liquid and the odor from soaking into your upholstery and carpeting.   These products are the difference between the leather staining from the red juice spill, the ballpoint pen, or perhaps those blue jeans that you love so much wearing off on the sides of your seats, prematurely aging, and drying out wrinkling and cracking the surface. These are also the products that make dry aged interior components look new again without the shiny, greasiness of off the shelf brands. As for small spills, the super hydrophobic surface will allow you to simply wipe up the area and move on with your life.  

While the exterior products from Ceramic pro are permanent the interior products will need to be retreated  after heavy accident removal, or just over the years of service to remain as close to bulletproof  as possible but they will improve the look of the surface they are applied to by restoring that factory new luster without being shiny or greasy.  ,They are not a force field that keeps accidents from happening or something that  you can just forget about for weeks and months after a spill,  but if something does happen it buys you time to get into your detailer and have them it like it never happened.  taken care of but they do when used together give you the ability to completely quickly and easily  get rid of the accident like it never happened when addressed quickly.

Ceramic Pro Textile

Reduces the surface energy of textile or suede. When liquids come into contact with the fabric, it forms beads and simply roll off whilst keeping the textile substrate dry.

Ceramic Pro Plastic and Rubber 

Ceramic Pro Plastic and Rubber is suitable for both interior and exterior. Coated surfaces with Ceramic Pro Plastic and Rubber will give a hydrophobic effect with wear resistance. The product works for both new and old products.

Ceramic Pro Leather
Ceramic Pro Leather has a super hydrophobic effect. Liquids spilled bead up on surface and can easily be wiped away. The UV protection prevents the leather to age. It makes old leather look new.

Interior protection packages