Founded in Seattle, WA in 2010, Tempus Detailing set out with a goal to offer downtown Seattle and the surrounding areas, the highest quality auto detailing available. We always look to maintain consistency and exceed your expectations with every visit. The main focus everyday here is quality of work. Not the quantity.

Our extensively trained detailers have experience with everything from your everyday commuter cars, trucks, SUV's, to concourse classics, performance cars, boats, and even the occasional private aircraft. Our methods and techniques are what set our company apart. By only using the latest, highest quality materials available and ongoing training we can maintain consistency and extraordinary results with every appointment we set. Through constant research and development we are always improving our methods and pride ourselves on staying ahead of the pack.

Often times, new clients who have been to other auto detail shops and have a feeling that to get the best, you need to buy a full service package. We don't always agree that is the best approach. Each vehicle has its own unique area's that require different levels of attention, whether it's interior or exterior of the vehicle or an engine cleaning or car show preparation, we like to recommend starting with our signature detailing service.  Any vehicle can benefit from this package, its great for any vehicle that is in decent to good shape and has not been to neglected.  If it's been a while since you have been in or you need a little more here or a little less there we are happy to tailor your detail to fit your needs and budget.

​We often get asked what's gets done in this package or that package, Our simple answer is,  we believe is that it's not only what what gets done, but how it's gets done.   Anyone can wash dirt off a car,  but it's the steps taken to do this safely that and properly that make the difference, every steps is just as important as the next.  It's when all of these steps are performed properly you end up with something better than expected.  

Our first order of business is to give each vehicle a thorough inspection, taking note of areas that may require additional attention and servicing.  This is not something that always needs to be done the day of your appointment.  We can take notes and make a plan to address certain areas in the future.  We are always happy to custom tailor our services per your request so you that you receive the most value and service for you money. Finally, we are a low volume - high quality detailing facility, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will receive the utmost care from the hands of Tempus Detailing professionals.